Thanks and Blessings!

Good morning everyone. Just wanted to offer a final thanks and give you all
an update on our move. We have landed in Ontario and are just starting to
get settled in. It was quite a drive! We didn’t have any troubles or
hiccups and we thank you for your prayers for safe travels and protection.
It was honestly an incredible experience, we live in a wild and vast
country – I would highly recommend you make the trip at some point.

Liz and I just wanted to convey our thanks and appreciation to you all for
your love and support over the years and for the love gifts you all share
with us at our farewell. We were completely blown away! Thank you. You are
truly an amazing church. We will miss you all dearly. Please continue to be
an amazing church. Serve Christ and give Him your life. THANK YOU!

Today I am in my new office getting things figured out here and preparing
for my first sermon this coming Sunday. It’s kind of a weird feeling, but
we feel a sense of peace and know that this is where God was leading us. We
are still searching for a home to purchase, but we are happy with our
rental for now. We already have family from Pensylvannia coming to visit
next week… which we are so excited and happy for!

Please feel free to contact us or to reach out and by all means come and
visit! You will always be a part of our family.

God bless,

David and Liz