The Pastor’s Garage April 12, 2018

Hey everyone. I hope that today you’ve experienced God’s presence in your life this week. I think one of the greatest joys of being a Christian is knowing God. I mean knowing God as a person. Knowing Him intimately and experiencing Him. This may not be everyday and all the time – if fact I think there are times when God chooses to be silent, but I think that we can know God in a very tangible way. I pray that you would experience Him in a new way.

I am getting itchy to get out in the dirt and the mud. I can’t wait to get the go-karts running and the motorbike out, but alas winter still has a grip on us. I want to head out and check out the prayer cache. Have you found it yet? That would make a fun little trip on the dirt bike 🙂 What are you anticipating about summer and spring?

This Sunday is our potluck. It kind of snuck up on us because April 1 was a Sunday but it is potluck. Would you please invite a friend or two and bring some extra food. Would you also call those in our congregation who probably don’t have email and remind them? I am anticipating an exciting service. Please pray for me as I prepare to speak. I’ll be speaking on "You May Be Wrong" from Mark 12:18-24 and how we need a revelation of God from time to time about what he is really like. Mike Zorn and his team are leading, so please pray for them as well.

I’d like to encourage you to get involved in our community. There is lots of ways of getting involved ranging from being on Town Council to coaching a team of some kind to watering flowers to joining the car club and the list goes on. If you have an idea or know of a need, please reply to me and I will put it in here. I think it is really important for us to be part of making Grenfell a better place.

I’d also like you to sit down with a friend or family member or more and watch this video:

I’ll be honest. Watching this has disturbed me – in a good way I think. It has made me do a lot of thinking about how we do church. I have been kept up at night wondering, "God, how do we reach those who don’t know you?" Because I’ll be honest, I don’t think we will reach 95% of the people id we just keep doing things the way we do things. Don’t get me wrong, I am excited when I see the momentum and health we are building, but I WANT MORE FOR US and I think we need to dream bigger and dream outside the box, so go ahead and watch that video and see if it stirs something in you. If you are inspired or excited by it let me know. I am not saying we copy what they are doing but I think we can learn from it.

Lastly, we’ll be praying for the Humboldt Broncos and those affected by the tragedy this Saturday at our weekly prayer meeting at 7:00pm. This would be open to anyone and everyone.

God bless,

Pastor Dave