The Pastor’s Garage April 19th, 2018

Good afternoon everyone. Doesn’t life feel a little bit different with the sun shining and the temperature actually going up outside?! Wow, the sun sure felt good to me today. It might actually be nice enough to get the motorbike out! Watch out gravel roads and trails here I come! Or maybe it’s time to get a go cart out? Who knows, just something with wheels that can spin. Don’t worry, I’ll wear my safety goggles.

There is a couple things I want you to be aware of that are coming up. First, the hymn sing on April 29th. I am looking forward to this. It was such a blast last time. If you’d like to sing a special or you have a hymn you want to sing that is not in our hymnal, please let me or Judy Jolly know so that we can prepare ahead of time. Other then that, bring your favorites and we’ll sing as many as we can or until we wear Judy out. It’s gonna be a good night!

Our church camping weekend is June 8,9 and 10. If you haven’t got a site, you need to. It looks like the loop that we used last year is filling up fast, so better get a site soon. If you can’t get one in the loop, no worries, just get one as close as you can. It’s gonna be a blast.

Finally, we’re hosting a couple Derby car races again this year. May 5th and June 3rd. This is a wholesome, fun event. If you need a new kit or need help building a car let me know and I can help out. For more information, please visit our facebook page at Grenfell Pinewood Derby

This week I am beginning a series on the Old Testament Tabernacle and how it can be a guide for our prayer life. We’ll also be having a time of seeking God and prayer and altar ministry this Sunday. We’ll have some people ready to pray with you if you’d like it or if you’d like to just spend time in God’s presence after the service you may do that as well. So please be in prayer for me and for Lisa and her team as they lead the worship. Let’s anticipate encountering God this weekend!

Were you able to watch the video from last week’s email. I have heard back from a number of people who found it challenging or that it inspired them. I’d encourage you to watch it if you have not already.

Have a good weekend and enjoy the sun.

God bless,

Pastor Dave