The Pastor’s Garage April 5th, 2023

This Friday is Good Friday!

As in the past several years we will be doing a contemplative service on
Friday from 9 am to noon. Come whenever suits you and go through different
stations set up in the sanctuary to ponder the meaning, purpose, and value
of Easter. Everyone is welcome!

After going through all the stations, you’ll leave with a Good Friday
themed bookmark or a bracelet. I would imagine most would want to spend
about 15 minutes or more working through it.

This Sunday is of course Easter Sunday and we’ll celebrate Christ’s
resurrection with our yearly tradition of releasing helium balloons. It
truly is a reason to celebrate, because if Christ was not raised… then
everything we believe as Christians is just a nice story with some morals
to live by.

But He was RAISED! Which means that Christ has conquered death and Christ
is who he says he is!

We should be absolutely filled with joy.

This Sunday will be part 2 of my 4 part series, “The Gospel” and the topic
is, “I Have Sinned.” Please pray for me as I share and for Rachel Drinnan
as she leads. Pastor Mike is recovering in Regina from his hip surgery and
is doing well. He’ll likely be leaving the hospital Friday.

Blessings on your Easter weekend.

(Note, no youth this Friday).

Pastor Dave