The Pastor’s Garage January 10th, 2019

As I hope you have already heard, we have begun this year with a part-time
associate pastor. Mike Zorn has come on staff at 15 hours per week. I am
excited about what this means for our church. Mike is already doing a great
job and I am happy to have him share the word this Sunday. Please be in
prayer for the service this Sunday. Rachel Kardash will be leading worship
this week so please be in prayer for her as well.

This Saturday at 7:00 pm we will be having our monthly prayer time, Second
Saturday. This week we will be praying for our Kid’s Church and for our
Youth program. Speaking of youth ministry, we will be having youth tomorrow
night at 7:00pm, “Hunger Games.” Invite a youth, send a youth or bring a

Hopefully this month (if the curriculum comes) we will be start a men’s
bible study called Conquer ( It is a series on
sexual purity for men that has gotten really good traction in other
churches in our area. The reality is that men in our world, the church or
not, are faced with a real battle when it comes to purity. I think that we
as a church need to face this head on and give our men the tools to be free
and pure, not only for the benefit of ourselves, but for the benefit of our
church and for our families. I think it is going to bear awesome fruit in
our church. Here’s a video trailer for the series which looks super
exciting, Please stay tuned
for more details.

Also, here’s the info for the prayer cache that some of you have been
asking me about:

You have two options to find the prayer cache (if you don’t know what I am
talking about, let me know and I can fill you in).

1) For the more adventurous type:

– Download an app like *My GPS Coordinates* for either android (link
or iOS (link
and use that to hunt down the cache. You will have to move (and drive)
around until you get closer and closer to the cache. When the
coordinates of where you are match with the coordinates on your phone you
will know you are getting close. Remember that GPS is only accurate to a
certain extent so you will have to do some hunting.

2) For those less adventurous and technically challenged:

– Type those coordinates into your favorite mapping website or app like
Bing Maps or Google Maps and it will show you where to start looking. And
remember, GPS is only accurate to a certain extent so you will have to do
some hunting.

If you get stuck, find a teenager or grandkid and try again.

*Prayer Cache GPS Coordinates:*

– 50.385338, -102.957304
– or in their alternative form, 50°23’07.22″N 102°57’26.29″W

God bless.

Have a great weekend!

Pastor Dave