The Pastor’s Garage January 3rd, 2019

Hey all, welcome to another year. I am excited about what God is going to
do this year in our church. What do you anticipate God doing in your life
this year?

This Sunday Kid’s Church will be back in action. So please thank our
teachers and remind them that they are appreciated and if you’d like to
really say thanks offer to get involved and help.

We’ve started the New Year with an exciting addition to our staff. As you
probably know Mike Zorn has come on as a part time associate pastor. I am
thrilled to have Pastor Mike join us. He has already started to make an
impact on our church and our people! Feel free to give him a big hug and
kiss 🙂

This Sunday I am going to speak on prayer. This will be a theme for us
leading up to the annual meeting at the end of February. Speaking of which,
if you are not a member of this church and would like to be, please let me
know and we can get you signed up.

Please pray for the service and for Pastor Mike who will be leading worship
this Sunday.

Thanks for being a part of Grenfell Apostolic.

God bless,

Pastor Dave