The Pastor’s Garage January 30th, 2019

So it is just a little cold outside. Just a little. Make sure you don’t
wear your flip flops today. Might want to put something a little warmer on.

As we approach our annual meeting on the 17th of February I’d like to put a
couple of things on your radar. First of all,on the 10th we will have a
Prayer Summit. This is a bit of a different Sunday morning. We will have a
regular time of worship followed but a time of prayer. Individually, in
small groups and corporately. I’d encourage you to make this a priority. We
did it just over a year ago and it was very powerful.

Then during the week leading up to the annual meeting, from Monday to
Friday, I am calling our church to a time of fasting and prayer. The
sanctuary will be open during lunch hours to allow people a time and place
to prayer. A pastor or elder will be present to pray with you if needed.

Then on the 17th of course is our annual meeting. This will also be a
pot-luck/family celebration service with the meeting to follow.

I would encourage you even now to enter in to this season of prayer that I
am calling you to. Please pray! Pray that the Holy Spirit would be poured
out on our church. Pray that God would refresh and renew our church. Pray
that God would bring in the harvest and send out workers. Pray!

Just a reminder to our men that there is a men’s breakfast on Saturday
morning at 7:30. Waylon Kardash will be sharing and as always, there will
be great food.

God bless and stay warm!

Pastor Dave