The Pastor’s Garage March 16th, 2022

One of the things that has helped keep me sane through covid and through
all the changes of the last two years is painting. I’ve painted a few
things on canvas, but mostly I have been painting miniatures. They are
little figurines of people or buildings or imaginary things like unicorns.
And when I say miniature, it’s something that is about the size of your
thumb… not crazy small, but small enough. I know it sounds a little nuts
and I’m not totally sure how I got into it. It probably has something to
do with the fact that I own a couple of 3D printers so I was looking for
something useful to do with them during some of those crazy months where
everything was shut down.

What I love about painting, whether it’s on paper or something else, is
that it gets me out of the “big world” and into the moment. This helps me
with stress, but it also forces me to slow down and push out all the
distractions and voices that are vying for my attention. Rather than
thinking about what might happen tomorrow, or next week or far away in
another land, I am forced to just paint that little tiny sleeve of the hero
I am currently painting. Before I know it, an hour or two has passed and I
am a lot less concerned about the madness in the world. I don’t think we
all need to start painting necessarily, but I do think we need to find ways
to just be “in the moment.”

Now before you get all weird on me because this could sound sort of new-age
or something, I think it is biblical. For example, Proverbs 4:25 says, “Let
your eyes look directly ahead. And let your gaze be fixed straight in front
of you” and Matthew 6:24 says, “Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for
tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.”

I don’t think we were made to look too far beyond our own world. Yes, we
can be aware of what is happening in the wide world outside, or what might
happen in the future, and we can be advocates and a part of the solution,
but not at the expense of what is happening right in front of us or in our
own lives. What is happening in Ukraine is terrible, and I think it is
appropriate to respond with help, support and prayers – no question.
However, are we also “in the moment” right here and right now? Maybe God
wants you to minister to your neighbor or friend who is struggling. Maybe
someone in your family needs to be challenged with some sin in their life.
Maybe God wants you to deal with some sin in your life. Maybe there are
needs right here in Grenfell. Maybe someone in your own home needs some
love and attention… do you see what I am saying? You are most able to
make a difference in the little, perhaps insignificant, world that you live
in every day. Not in the tomorrows to come or in places many miles away.
Jesus made a difference in the lives of 12 (well 11 for sure) men and the
ripple effects of his obedience and ministry have literally changed the
world. He didn’t have Twitter or Facebook or a news agency following him.
He touched the lives of a handful of people and they for the most part have
done the rest. The ripple effects have continued to this day!

You are really not that special or that important to the world (I’m serious
– if you have the time to read this you are NOT THAT SPECIAL). You likely
won’t make a difference in Ottawa or the Ukraine that anyone in history
will care about. However, there are people in your life today and in your
circle of influence that you can impact. Love them. Support them. Challenge
them. Pray for them. Be there for them. If you can’t get “in the moment”
you may miss the chance to do so. And while you may not be that special,
God notices when we are obedient and when we are faithful with the little

A couple of weeks ago I was driving my son Mason home from a hockey game in
Moosomin. His team had won quite easily and so it was a fun drive back
reminiscing about the game. We were joking and smiling and just having fun.
All of sudden we locked eyes and I was overwhelmed with a sense of love and
pride for this incredible young man – my son. What a treasure he is. How
dare I think anything else could be more important than loving and
mentoring him. I realized that of all the responsibilities that I have been
given, here is one of the most precious things. I cannot miss this by being
distracted with things going on in the world or about why might happen
tomorrow. Just like my miniatures it may appear small or insignificant but
it is what God has put into my hands and I need to handle it with care. I
know that if I am not careful there is a very real possibility of him just
living his life without me being involved because I’m too busy with life
“out there.”

So, love your kids and spend time with them, do the dishes for your wife,
buy your husband some WD-40 or blue shop towels, love your parents and take
care of them, be a good friend who listens, do something nice for your
employees or people you work with, respect your boss, be honest in your
taxes, take care of the stuff you have, chase sin out of your life, be a
good neighbor, bless your community, get to know people better, send you
pastor an encouraging note (or cupcakes or sushi or grasshopper pie – just
saying), make cupcakes for the church elders and board, volunteer in
church, make amends with your brother, make supper for your sister and her
family, pray for your friend who is sick and send them flowers, take your
grandkids out for ice cream and just listen to them, build a birdhouse for
the old folks home, welcome an immigrant into your home… etc… etc…
etc…. do things and look really close to home. I guarantee there is stuff
right in front of you!

This weekend Pastor Mike is speaking so please uphold him in prayer. We are
looking at starting up potlucks again in April so be ready for that 3rd
Sunday of the month! *I realize it’s Easter Sunday… but I think all the
more reason to celebrate!* Also please pray for me as I will be in Calgary
most of the week for missions meetings. It’s been 2 years since we were
able to meet.

God bless and have a great week!

Pastor Dave