The Pastor’s Garage May 10th, 2019

Hey everyone,

Pastor Mike and I and our families were privileged to attend ACOP South
Saskatchewan districts Refresh retreat this week and I think I can speak
for all of us that it was an inspiring and refreshing event. Thanks for the
space in our schedules to allow us to attend something like this.

I have no intention of promoting myself but if you missed last weeks
message on the Holy Spirit, I would encourage you to have a listen as
preparation for the Deeper Life weekend with Doug Sigglekow (see attachment
for schedule). Here is a link to the sermons, please listen to “Stay in the
City,” I think this message is
important for us to be digesting in preparation for that weekend. We need
to be hungry for more of the Holy Spirit.

Please be in prayer for this Sunday’s service and for myself as I share. We
will be celebrating the women in our lives this Sunday as we recognize
mothers day with a flower. Pray for the worship team and for God to show up
in power.

God bless,

Have a great weekend!

Pastor Dave