The Pastor’s Garage May 24th, 2019

Hi again,

So we finally did it! We filled the prayer table. It took us a while but we
did it. To celebrate I hid another prayer cache. This one is a bit harder
to find, but worth the trouble!

*What is a prayer cache?* It’s like a treasure hidden out in the country
that you have to go and find.
*How do I find it? *Using GPS coordinates. I will explain more at the
bottom of this email.
*What’s in it? *Some treasures, a prayer to read and a place to leave your
*Why go find it? *It’s like a treasure hunt… why not! To try and be the
first one. To get outdoors and enjoy nature and have an adventure with your
kids or grandkids or friends. *And, it’s another reason to prayer!*

Remember, the church camping weekend from May 31st to June 2nd. There will
be no service here on the 2nd, our service will be out at the campground at
10:30am. If you need a ride or help getting there, please let the office
know. We’ll have lunch after the service on Sunday. Hot-dogs and burgers
provided – bring a salad or dessert.

Please be in prayer for the service this weekend and for me as I speak on
Psalm 139 on “How Great is Our God!”

God bless and see below for the prayer cache details. Post a picture of
yourself, proving you actually found it!

Pastor Dave

*How to find the prayer cache:*

*1) Type the coordinates into google maps: *type or copy and paste the two
numbers (these are the gps coordinates) with the comma right into google
maps. This will give you a rough idea where the prayer cache is and if you
use the satellite photos you could probably find it just by doing this!

– *prayer cache #1 (last year):*
– 50.385338, -102.957304
– *prayer cache #2 (this year):*
– 50.325152, -102.881944

*2) Install “My GPS Coordinates”: *Install the app called “My GPS
Coordinates.” For iphones install this program
<> and
for android install this one
<>. Open
it up and use this as a guide to get you close to the prayer cache. Try to
walk around until the numbers on the app match the above coordinates. It
will take some time – but its supposed to be a hunt! Remember, at best GPS
is accurate to about 3m, so it will take some searching!

*3) If you can’t find it, find someone younger to take along.*