The Pastor’s Garage May 31st, 2018

Hey everyone,

I hope you are having a good week. Liz and I were privileged to take in
most of the ACOP Biennial conference being held in Regina over the past few
days. God was moving in a powerful way and it was very encouraging. Liz and
I both felt a powerful move of the Holy Spirit in our lives. I’d encourage
*you* to check out some of the sessions which can be found on ACOPs website
here ( I am not sure how long the sessions will
be available, so take them in when you can. There is so much that was
impactful that I can’t pinpoint just one thing that really spoke to me but
if I had to pick one thing it was the statement, “find ways to increase
your redemptive capacity.” If we as a church are going to impact the world,
we need to enlarge our tent (Isaiah 54) and find ways to bring Christ’s
redemptive message to all.

On our drive up to Regina and back, Liz and I found a couple songs l’d like
to share with you. It’s a group called For King and Country- which I’ve
never heard of. One is called Joy ( which is just a fun song, and
the other is called Shoulders (,
which brings me to tears (don’t tell anyone). I love the line in that song,
“your forgiveness is my fortress.” I hope you enjoy.

If you have time, please read Hebrews 9-10 for this week’s sermon. We’ll be
finishing up our series on the tabernacle. I am attaching a handout in case
you are the digital type or you want to print it out for yourself. However,
I’ll also be handing it out Sunday. Please be in prayer for our service.
Pray for me. Pray for Rachel as she leads the worship.

God bless,

Pastor Dave