The Pastor’s Garage November 1st, 2019

Hi Everyone.

So we had a great night last night by the fire. Lots of people stopped by
for a warm up and for a hot chocolate or a marshmallow. Last night was the
most people we have had by far. Thanks for those who helped to make
that happen, it was great. I love to see our church being a servant to the
community and making a difference. Let’s try to be creative and do this
in the future more and more.

One way you can serve the community is by volunteering at the rink canteen
during hockey games. It’s a lot of fun and a great way to meet people. If
you need help getting connected just contact me and I can help. If that’s
not your thing there are probably lots of other ways that you can get
involved – and they don’t have to be volunteering. But I think we all need
to find ways rub shoulders with the people in our world. We are carriers of
God’s love and carriers of God’s Holy Spirit. May God stir hearts as we
interact with our world.

There is a fundraising event happening in Regina on Thursday November 14th
for United Youth Ministries. There is more information at if you are interested.
United does some amazing stuff among the youth of our generation. Feel free
to browse and support them if you feel led.

This Sunday Rachel Kardash is leading worship and I will be preaching on
the next verses of James. Chapter 1:5-8 talk about wisdom and my title is
“Wisdom is Obvious.” Wisdom is desperately needed in our world and yet many
mistake knowledge (which we have an abundance of) for wisdom. Come and
listen as I look at what James says about wisdom and how we know when it is
present in our lives. Please pray for the service.

Please save the date for our rescheduled Holy Spirit weekend which we are
planning on holding on November 30th and December 1st. Doug Siggelkow will
be joining us and he has already begun to pray for the weekend.

God bless,

Pastor Dave