The Pastor’s Garage November 7th, 2019

Here’s the Pastor’s Garage for this week from Pastor Mike!


There’s kind of a daily ritual that occurs in the Zorn household
every morning. Sometime between 5:30 and 7AM our bedroom door flies open
and a rather vertically challenged, large craniumed young gentleman marches
in loudly announcing “It’s morning, time to get up!” Usually this is
followed by him climbing up on our bed disrespectful of body parts and
hair, and crawling to the window above our heads to open the drapes!
During the summer months this can be painful for an number of reasons but
at least this time of year the morning sun does not blind us awake! Upon
doing this ritual one recent morning he excitedly announce “It snowed!” and
proceeded to jump up and down on our bed, once again disrespectful of body
parts and hair that happened to be in the way! I wont lie to you, I had a
hard time joining his excitement over the recent addition of snow to our
area! This brought back memories of myself as a child and the “first
snow”! I remember always being so excited and my father being so less than
excited! I still remember wondering what was wrong with him and why he
would not share my excitement over the snow! NOW I UNDERSTAND!
As we go throughout our daily rituals there are a number of things
that can either bring us life and enjoyment, or pain and death! Life is
more than just breath and a heartbeat! When I am out in nature, riding
some kind of motorized vehicle, or hunting I feel more “alive”! When
shoveling mud for seemingly hours on end at a certain carwash, not so
much! While we all can relate to this in our day to day enjoyments and
struggles this principle is also very true spiritually! This Sunday I will
be sharing on “James three rules for life!” based on James 1:9-18. What is
your source of “life”?
Please pray for the ladies event that will be happening at Circle
Square this weekend! Please pray for the many men, myself included, that
will be enduring the various child housed hold rituals alone this weekend!
Pray for Neil Paulgard and his team as they lead us in worship this Sunday!

As a wise man once said, “keep your stick on the ice!”
Pastor Mike