The Pastor’s Garage October 17th, 2019

Pastor Dave here. Pastor Mike wrote this week’s Pastor’s Garage, albeit
while working in a tractor! He sent it to me to forward to you. Here’s his


I make this confession, I’m writing this pastors garage on my phone while
on a tractor seat out on the field so it won’t be if any great length! This
Sunday I will be sharing on the importance of attending church! You might
be asking “Is it important?, and if so, how important!” I hear many reasons
why ppl don’t attend regularly, “it’s just not relevant, doesn’t meet my
needs, I’ve been hurt by the church, they’re hypocrites, lifes just to
busy,…” and the list goes on! If I may, I would suggest that none of
those are very good reasons not to attend! So why is it sooo important you
might ask! I’ve personally always loved church, but I realize not everyone
has the same personality as myself! It has to be more than just a religious
obligation, I would agree! Would you consider coming this Sunday at least
to hear what I have to share on the subject?

Just a reminder this Sunday is also family/potluck Sunday! Please consider
inviting a friend/relative/neighbor or maybe someone God has laid on your
heart who doesn’t regularly attend a church! Invite them for the potluck by
offering to make enough for them as well!

There’s no “I” in “team”, but if you rearrange the letters you do get meat,
and that means bacon!

Pastor Mike!