The Pastor’s Garage October 254th, 2019

This week I wanted to take a moment to remind you about the online service
that we offer as a church to everyone in our church *as well as anyone in
our community! *RightNow media. The church pays a monthly subscription fee
which allows us to give away as many memberships as we want, to church
members or non church members. There are kids programs, youth programs,
teachings on marriage and missions, you name it! It’s there. It’s really
incredible and it’s free to you. In fact, here is a link you can use to
sign up or you can share this link with anyone.

What I like about some of their teaching stuff is they are just teaching
through the bible by book rather than by topic. I just found a series on
Colossians by Louie Giglio that I look forward to watching.

They also have an app which was recently updated with a “podcast mode” so
you can listen to and download a lot of their teachings in audio only mode.
Just search for RightNow Media in your app store.

Why not use it? Why not create another avenue in your life to be encouraged
and strengthened.

This week I will be beginning a season of preaching through the book of
James. It may take us a few months or even a year but Mike and I have
decided to just preach through the book and let God’s word guide our series
and sermons. Please feel free to ponder and read through James with me.
This Sunday we will be look at James 1:1-4 and I’ve entitled the message as
No Pain, No Gain.

(Coincidently there is a series on James on RightNow Media by Francis Chan,
maybe good to look it up as a supplement to what we will teach and preach).

Please pray for me and for the service and for Rachel Drinnan and her team
as she leads worship.

In closing I am wondering what the interest level would be in a systematic
study through the entire bible would be. This would be something that would
take a couple years, but I think is really important. I am think that maybe
it is time to start up adult Sunday School but I am open to other ideas as
well. If you are interested in this please let me know.

God bless,

Pastor Dave