The Pastor’s Garage October 18th, 2018

Wow. Beautiful day today! Can’t believe how the weather can change around
here. Regardless, I am thankful for the change, now maybe I have a chance
to get these leaves raked up!

I am going to be short this week because I really want you to take notice
of some of the things coming up.

Tomorrow is our youth kickoff for the year here at the church at 7:00pm. We
are going to have games, a bonfire and an escape room. The winners (team
with the shortest time through the room) will be getting something amazing
(no idea what yet).

Just an FYI, Liz and I are going to provide leadership to the youth for the
foreseeable future and will be inviting some of you to join us so if you
have an interest to help out with youth, let me know.

This Sunday will be our first of many Family Celebration Services. We will
be keeping the kids upstairs and the service will be a “kid-friendly” one.
This Sunday I’ll be telling a story about the difference between faith and
belief and what that means for a follower of Jesus. It’s also a pot-luck
Sunday so it’s a great Sunday to invite a friend or a family of friends.
See you there.

As always, please uphold our worship leaders and myself in prayer.

God bless,

Pastor Dave