The Pastor’s Garage Sept 13th, 2019

So as you know I really like the group for King and Country. One of the
songs call “Control” has really been speaking to me in this season of my
life. Have a listen to it here:
This has really been my journey as of late. Giving up control. I can be a
worrier and a controller and as I have shared over the last couple Sundays
God has been working on this in me. Not only am I not in control, even if I
was I would not know best. I encourage you to look at yourself this week.
Do you think you are in control?

What I love about King and Country is their transparency with their own
journey with God and with life. Something that adds really depth to their
lyrics. Here is them talking about the writing of this song: Pretty neat.

This Saturday we will get back into Second Saturday and gather for prayer
on Saturday night for about 45 minutes of prayer. We will focus our prayers
on a couple things, harvest and beginning of school. Please join us at
7:00pm at the church.

This Sunday is our first potluck of the season or as Scarlette calls it,
“puckluck.” Can’t wait to share a meal with you. Who will you invite? Bring
some extra food for any guests or for those who might forget to bring food.

Please pray Pastor Mike as he and his team lead our worship. Please also
pray for our speaker who is sharing about his work among the unreached.

God bless,

Pastor Dave