The Pastor’s Garage September 6th, 2019

So it’s been awhile since I’ve had the chance to write this. It feels good
to be back into the groove of things, well sort of back into the groove. I
was planning on being back in the office on Tuesday morning and then spent
the better part of Tuesday and Wednesday in bed with one of the worst head
colds I have had in a long time. I was just about ready to try our the
dremel tool to get the sinuses cleared out. It was a doozer. I am happy to
say that I almost feel back to normal.

On top of that the kids are now back in school which has made this a bit of
a hectic week around the house as everyone starts to figure out their new
schedule. I think that the kids can also sense the change in the season
coming, and by that I mean the coming of win…. nevermind, we’ll talk
about that later.

I have been thinking a lot about what I shared last Sunday and how
important it is to continually give over control of everything to God. To
stop taking ourselves so seriously and to just rest in trusting God. I am
noticing how it applies to so many areas of our life, from the mundane to
the more serious. For example I was genuinely ready and excited to be back
at things on Tuesday, but my head cold had other plans it seems. I just
said God, I trust that you are in control, I give this to you.

There is a bit of change of plans for this weekend. We had originally
decided to start Kid’s Church on the 15th, but after meeting with our key
volunteers (actually scratch that, they are more than volunteers, they are
spiritual leaders, they are shepherding, they are teaching, they are
discipling and transforming lives – we need a better name for them). After
meeting with the Spiritual Leaders who work with our kids, they decided to
start Kid’s Church this weekend, they are just so excited. So please
invite, bring or send the kids. What a privilege, what an honor. Remember,
that if you want to get involved you need to go through the application

Please pray for me as I share from Romans 12:1-2 on “What is Your Stance?”
I’ll be sharing about finding or refinding the correct footing as
Christians in today’s world. Please also pray for Neil Paulgaard and his
team as they lead and please be in pray for our church and for God’s
kingdom to come to Grenfell.


Pastor Dave