The Pastor’s Garage Sept 6th, 2018

Hey all. Something has changed in the air these last few days and not just
the temperature. With a return to school and the start of September, life
feels just a bit different. There is a sense of comfort as we return into a
“normal” schedule such as school and sports and other activities. As you
begin your year, would you take some time to consider three questions.
These are three areas that I personally think are important and that I have
written on my wall for this year. Maybe these questions will help you
consider priorities as the year begins. Here they are.

1) How will I promote my own spiritual growth this year?
2) How will I intentionally disciple others this year?
3) How will I engage my community this year?

Let me know if these are helpful!

This Sunday we will continue the series in Ephesians. Please read Ephesians
2 before Sunday. I’d also encourage you to review Ephesians 1 by watching
the relevant parts of this study: If you don’t have an
account let me know and I can send you a free invite. Right Now Media is an
amazing resource that the church provides. From kid’s shows to series on
marriage to series on evangelism, it has it all. It’s the modern day
version of the church library.

This Saturday at 7:00pm is the first Second Saturday of the year. Come on
out and join us in prayer. We will focus our prayers on those among us who
are struggling with sickness or for anyone who is connected to us that is
struggling. If you have someone you would like us to pray for let me know
by replying here.

Youth will start up again later in September or maybe early October. If God
has given you a heart for youth, would you please approach me and we talk
more. I think there is some really exciting things going to happen this
year in our youth department.

As always, please be in prayer for the service and please be praying for
the worship team and for myself.

God bless,

Have a great weekend!

Pastor Dave