Pastors Garage Aug 9st, 2019

This week we have a special treat in store for our Sunday morning service! I have asked three people from our congregation to give a short testimony. I have always found peoples story interesting, where they have come from, what they gone through, their dreams, goals, aspirations, fears, etc. It is probably what I love most about my job with the church, as my primary role is visitation, as it gives me opportunity to get to know people beyond normal day to day arms length conversation. There is something very powerful in testimony. Its not about trying to convince, manipulate, or teach anything! It is basically telling your story! We have all come in contact with used car salesmen, solicitors, or door to door salespeople. While some are pretty good at what they do, and can be pretty convincing in regards to the product they are presenting, the best ones are always the ones who actually use and believe in the product. For them, while they might still get a wage for representing their product, they believe in what their selling and they basically just have to tell their story to get the message across! There’s something powerful and contagious about hearing someone who is passionate about something describe it! They don’t even have to be smooth or eloquent in their speech to get the message across! As Christians we are called to give testimony of our faith, but this is very intimidating for many us! We have come to believe it means we have to convince others to believe as we do. That’s not actually our job, its the Holy Spirit’s! Our job is just to tell our story! I heard a pastor describe it this way many years ago and it has always stuck with me. Witnessing is just one beggar telling another beggar where they found food! Has God made a difference in your life? How? Share that, that’s enough!

Pray for Waylon, Kelly and Muriel as they share a portion of their story this Sunday! Pray for Neil and his team as they lead us in worship! Most important of all pray for opportunity to share your story as you go throughout your week!

Keep it real!
Pastor Mike