The Pastor’s Garage

Well, maybe I should rename this email the Pastor’s backyard rink as that
seems to be where I have been spending lots of my time running my homemade
zamboni (aka a rubbermaid with some holes drilled in it). Seriously, it has
been worth all the effort seeing the kids out there enjoying themselves.
The only thing is that they are getting to be better skaters and hockey
players than me! What sort of things are you hoping to do this holiday

This Sunday I will continue my series on Advent and I’ll be sharing on
Adventage #2: Purpose. Please pray for me and for the worship team this
Sunday. Pray that God would strengthen us and use us to bring glory to Him.

Tomorrow for youth we will meet at the high school gymnasium for a gym
night at 7:00pm. A great night for kids to invite their peers and other
friends. It will just be lots of fun.

Would you please remember to sign up for the Christmas hampers this season.
We will need to get everything in by December 16th. We are still in need of
a few gifts and some food but I trust that we will be able to make it all
work. It will be a huge blessing!

On Saturday night we will be meeting to pray at 7:00pm here at the church.
If there was ever a season to pray, this is the season. Please come and
join us for prayer. We will be focusing on prayers of thanksgiving and
prayers for people in our community who need a little extra support this
holiday season!

God bless!

Pastor Dave