The Pastor’s Garage November 29th, 2018

One thing I forgot to mention. Our men’s breakfast this Saturday at 7:30.
Pastor Brian from Gateway Church in Regina will be speaking. Hope to
see you there!

On Thu, Nov 29, 2018 at 11:39 AM David Wicks <> wrote:

> Hey y’all. Well my backyard rink is in working order. Someone was teasing
> me and asked if I wanted to have a baby shower for the new baby as I have
> been tending it day and night. Well it is a lot of fun and yes baby shower
> gifts would be appreciated. And you are welcome to give it a try anytime.
> In the last few days I have been journaling through 1 Peter chapter 4.
> Some of those verse early on in the chapter are pretty sobering when it
> comes to sin that we live with in our lives. One thing we can do as
> Christians when we think about some of the sin we have in our lives is feel
> ashamed or feel discouraged or feel disqualified. I think our response to
> sin in our lives should be sober (and perhaps a bit somber). It grieves God
> so it should grieve us. However, I think that what happens next is really
> important and I don’t think we are meant to stay in that dark place for too
> long. After grieving and after repenting we should turn to seeking out
> purity and MOVING forward. 1 Peter 4:3 states “For you have spent enough
> time in the past doing what pagans choose to do.” We’ve spent time doing
> some of those things, now let’s move forward. Let’s get on with what God
> has for us. With intention of heart we should humbly seek out purity,
> taking steps where we can and seeking help where we can, all the while
> leaning on God.
> This weekend we will begin the season of advent and I will be preaching on *Adventage
> #1: Hope* from Isaiah chapter 9 (typo is intentional). Please pray for me
> and for the worship team.
> A few other things to put on your radar for this season.
> – Youth:
> – Friday the 30th at 7:00pm: Cookie Run (check facebook for
> details).
> – Friday Dec 7th at 7:00pm: Gym Night at HS gym.
> – Saturday Dec 15th: Pond hockey/pond skating/year end party.
> – Sunday Jan 6th: Sr. Youth (grades 10-12) at Regina Pat’s game.
> – Kid’s Ministry:
> – For a while I and a few others have been brainstorming a weekly
> club or hangout for kids in grades 4-6. Nothing is set in stone but the
> wheels are starting to turn. IF this is something you are even remotely
> interested in helping with, please contact me.
> – Christmas Season:
> – December 16th: Family Celebration Service and Christmas Pot-luck
> – December 23rd: Testimony Service
> – December 24th at 7:00pm: Christmas Eve Service
> Finally, as we approach the holiday season, find ways to remember and hold
> dear as to why we have this season in the first place. I found a good
> resource on Right Now Media that you may really like. Check it out:
> If you are not signed
> up for Right Now Media, let me know, it’s totally free.
> God bless,
> Pastor Dave