The Pastor’s Garage October 4th, 2019

Hi all. So the new furnace in our house is pretty much in. A few more odds
and ends, but they are getting close. It still seems strange to walk into
the basement and see the ceiling completely torn out, but we are thankful
for the change that is being made. Peter has enjoyed watching the
transformation and has been keeping track of where all the pipes go.

Seeing the basement get torn to shreds has made me want to fix up and
remodel a few things in the house, hopefully making the basement a bit more
user friendly 🙂 Don’t worry I won’t change too much. It also made me think
about our church house – the body of Christ. I think we are healthy and
comfortable as a church right now and we have a lot of good things going. I
also think that we could be doing some things better and that we have some
changes to make. We need to grow. We need to be reaching our neighbours and
we need to be on mission! We need to fall in love with Jesus again and have
our hearts stirred. But this may not happen because in order to make the
changes we need to tear apart the basement so we can actually make the
changes needed. Are we ready to do that? Or do we have to wait until the
basement gets torn apart for us? Or will we make the changes too late?
Would you pray that *God would stir* our hearts! We may need to get a
little uncomfortable (or a lot).

You see I think that we need to become a church that reaches not just
Grenfell but reaches our region – which means we need to think outside the
walls of the church and Sunday mornings. We need to think about this region
and all the small communities. We need to be thinking about doing church
not just on Sunday but in our homes and out in the world. Would you pray
that *God would stir* your heart! We are here for a reason and we have to
get outside these walls. We need bigger faith and bigger ideas. We need to
take up the mission God has for us. Would you please pray!

This Sunday Shelley Boyes from Choose Life Ministries will be sharing. She
runs an addictions center for women in our area. You can check out her
website at We will be having a second
offering at the end of the service that will go directly to Choose Life, so
please come prepared to support them if you feel led.

Lisa Osiowy and her team will be leading this Sunday. Please pray for them
that God would strengthen and anoint them.

God bless and have a great week.

Pastor Dave